Imagine being able to learn from a real master craftsman and lifelong experienced woodworker? If you crave the satisfaction of consistently creating unique and beautiful woodworking pieces with your own hands, this is for you!

You are literally moments away from having the freedom to build nearly ANY project you ever dreamed of, at the least possible cost, and NEVER have to spend another cent on worthless DYI magazines and impossible plans that end up breaking the bank! 
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Imagine being able to profit from toys and wooden novelties made in your own woodwork shop!
Once you learn a few skills and have easy to follow plans, you'll be making and sell toy cars, wagons, wooden puzzles and hobby horses with ease! Retail them at flea markets, fairs, through national ads, direct from your shop or yard and/or wholesale them to stores or catalog sales companies. 
Wooden toys have a special appeal that most other types of toys do not-- nostalgia and parent confidence. Parents remember the wooden toys they had as children lasted a long time and that they were safe. Wooden toys like hobby horses or stick horses are so old, they are "new"!
For the past few years, wooden items have become more and more scarce as they have been replaced by plastic and wood filled plastics that can be molded. Many items are advertised these days as "genuine wood" to inform the buyer they are nor plastic or laminated sawdust, and infer that they are therefore worth more.
The overall result is that an item made of "genuine wood" is now considered more valuable than the substitutes that just a few years ago were considered an "improvement" over wood.
In the wooden toy business, you have the option of making variety of things or specializing in one item or series of items.
You also have the luxury of being able to use what other industries would call scraps -- because not many of your toys will require 8, 6 or even four foot pieces of wood.
This means that you can use materials that others can't -- and that if you can locate a good source, your materials should be half or less of the going rate. As a result, you will be able to offer finished toys of good quality wood at excellent prices and still make a very nice profit!

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